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It’s time for you to reconsider hookup culture in Jewish youth teams

The nucleus of the Jewish teen social experience in North America within minutes, our dialogue took a distinctly personal and resonant turn: Many of us had spent time in Reform, Conservative and pluralistic Jewish youth groups. We’d witness that is borne the rampant heteronormative hookup tradition and hypersexualization they foster.

Even as we shared individual anecdotes, our anger switched toward the hypocrisy of youth teams that knowingly protect a sexist culture despite existing to nourish young Jews and propel continuity that is jewish.

Youth groups are revered as a catalyst for young people’s participation within the future that is jewish however the destructive behavior condoned within these areas, similar to acute misogyny in generations previous, remains mainly unaddressed.

It’s a available key that lots of the social interactions and methods normalized, also lauded, inside the enclave of youth groups fly inspite of the broader #MeToo period.

Across our various youth teams and areas, we’ve experienced various manifestations of pervasive sexual pressure: grinding being seen as truly the only appropriate method for girls and boys to cohabit the party flooring; sisterhood events where girls invest the very first couple of hours chatting solely about guys, who sometimes arrive unannounced anticipating girls to fawn over them and sit dutifully inside their laps; seedy tracks that slut-shame girls while deriding prudishness; and chants that celebrate sexual escapades and toxic masculinity.

Typically, these norms are brushed over as “teens being teenagers,” but the dominance of the culture that is sexual normal and healthy adolescent habits. Continua a leggere