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Though quitting meth is hard for many users, it is doubly difficult for homosexual guys.

Meth is Highly Dangerous for Gay, HIV Positive Guys

Though meth is a destructive force in most demographic, it’s particularly damaging within the community that is gay. The absolute most pressing concerns derive from data that shows crystal meth could possibly help market a virulent stress of hiv (dubbed the HIV “SuperVirus”) and/or severely lessen the aftereffects of life saving HIV medicines.

The results showed that meth users had a lower ratio of CD4/CD8 cells immune cells playing an important role in HIV indicating less resilience of the immune system after 1 year of evaluation.

A report carried out by the University of Ca, north park (UCSD) examined a group of male homosexual medication users who had been all HIV positive. The test team included males whom utilized meth, cocaine, cooking pot, liquor and differing other celebration medications. Continua a leggere