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Plus note that the sun’s rays additionally the moon that we can also be pick with the sight are hunks out-of count

They means a family group aided by the material world, perhaps not with the lifetime towards environment. While we have experienced more than, living in the world was its (hollow) earth, and it has its very own moon and you can sunlight, and that cannot integrate number however, off spirit (if you will). Additionally, brand new flat planet envisioned by individuals who are by the its characteristics tuned with the rational field of mankind isn’t a content planet but a spiritual one. One religious earth and additionally comes with a sun and you may a moonlight which are and spiritual.

The materials planet has no eyes otherwise head but can experience this new guidelines of your sun by getting hotter on one side and you will much cooler on the other side. And it may have the guidance of one’s cardio out-of the law of gravity of your sunrays and you will moon mutual. All situation activity towards planet earth derives regarding non-linear interplay of the two pushes away from sun and sunshine-moonlight gravity. Traditions muscle can photosynthesize sunrays but are if you don’t unable to see the sun’s rays and you will moonlight individually. It as well merely sense the source of the sun and you will good combined sunlight-moonlight the law of gravity. Continua a leggere