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20 Books for Parents of LGBT Kids

National Coming Out Day is this week, and I have found myself recalling when my own child came out a few years back. Sometimes coming out it is a decisive declaration, but for our gender-questioning kid, coming out looked more like a meandering process of discovery. We are so grateful that our child felt safe to share those conversations and realizations with us along the way.

At first, we just focused on making sure that our child was loved and accepted, and we tried to listen and to understand. But as my husband and I talked alone, we admitted that we felt uninformed and completely out of our depth. We were worried how others would treat them. We weren’t quite sure how to help, didn’t understand the terminology, and were generally clueless.

20 Books for Parents of LGBT Kids

Maybe today you are that bewildered parent (or grandparent, aunt” alt=”sitios bisexual”>, uncle, or teacher). Perhaps your teenage son told you that he is gay. Or your college age de out as bisexual. Or maybe you have a gender-nonconforming 7-year-old and you’re not sure exactly what is going on. You are feeling ALL the emotions, and you definitely have questions.

I have been in your shoes. We knew we needed to learn more to support our precious kid better. We also really wanted to meet other parents of LGBT kids. We discovered a support group for parents, families and friends of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people (PFLAG), and we started going. Continua a leggere