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This apparatus was kept for some time in a vessel at the temperature of about 60°

These investigations of the expansion of gases led me naturally to examine the expansion of vapors; but since I expected from the preceding results that they would expand like gases I decided to make my experiments only with one vapor, and I chose by preference the vapor of sulphuric ether as being the easiest to manage.

To determine the expansion of the vapor idateasia of ether I used the two tubes of which I have already spoken, taking atmospheric air for comparison. I then introduced ether vapor into one of the tubes and atmospheric air into the other, in such a way that each of them corresponded to the same division. I then raised the temperature of the vessel from 60° to 100°, and I had the satisfaction of seeing that, whether rising or falling, the ether vapor and the atmospheric air always corresponded at the same time to the same divisions. Continua a leggere