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I would ike to, temporarily, take this conversation back once again to Henri Lefebvre

The guy calls their remark “The brand new Sadness out of Article-Workerism, otherwise Ways and you will Immaterial Work Meeting,” due to exactly what he means due to the fact an over-all sense of gloom on behalf of speakers, traceable generally so you’re able to Bifo, just who at that moment got felt like you to “most of the try lost

Lefebvre, as i indexed at the start of it article, to some extent I, had posited the urban illustrated a qualitatively brand new stage during the the latest progression off people, of agrarian, to help you industrial, to help you metropolitan. For this reason, the guy reasoned, coming mobilizations up against capitalism might have a metropolitan character. This troubled Manuel Castells, who, composing as good structuralist following the Althusser, popular to a target the newest ideological aim of the metropolis-the part inside securing this new breeding from connections of design-as opposed to handling the town as the a basically this new room, that, moreover, that would be construed due to the fact blessed that have quasi-metaphysical provides toward production of both alienation and emancipation. Since metropolitan theorist Andy Merrifield produces:

While the area, within the Lefebvre’s dialectic, performed having capitalism, it actually endangered capitalism more; today, within the Castells’s dialectic, as the city endangered capitalism, it for some reason came into existence a whole lot more useful to possess capitalism. Continua a leggere