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Sexing-in organized females such that improved their chance of lingering mistreatment regarding fellow group professionals

The early sexual objectification from girls through sexing-when you look at the are commonly a portal so you can extra intimate requirement and you will mistreatment because of the members of her gang. This is particularly so for girls whom didn’t have “protection” from male professionals inside gang (e.grams., a boyfriend otherwise men household members). As the each other female and male members explained, sexual initiation added women to get considered promiscuous and you can sexually available, commonly at an early age, and you will began to reify gender norms and you may gang hierarchies. In part, these types of gender positions were defined by suggests girls was indeed started. On the other hand, females who were “jumped-in” was tend to considered “hard lady,” which have positions and you can requirements the same as male users.

It’s just the way they got put with the group. Whenever they take a seat on their straight back, better, we’re going to consider them procedures. Whenever they got overcome during the, then chances are you know, they are one of several men … After all, you realize, the audience is men. We do that shit such as, whatever. It is simply, I am talking about, so you’re able to all of us it’s simply a woman that people can have. (Eamon, 19-year-old Latina male)

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