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245 Statements into the “Provides for Lower income People”

Be mindful

There are many different cons going swimming the internet. So many college students are very victims off identity theft & fraud because of a fake site you to definitely guaranteed has for low-income students. Research thoroughly just before supplying personal data. Make sure to come together just with respected communities.

  1. danielle foor had written :

I’m hoping to get an offer having university. And being the way i reside in a decreased-income home that have you to mother operating and you will me but we just work region-time, there was 6 people staying in the house. I would personally really enjoy it for those who could help me personally somehow. Thank you. 443-639-2574

The mortgage which i possess applied for, I have already been denied

I must say i must see school but have a beneficial expenses in the another university and so they wouldn’t launch my transcript in order to me personally until We repay it. I recently wished to know if there had been one assisstance away here that could help me me personally

I have already been excepted to help you money universaty and you may and need help the rest of my personal place and you can board and you will university fees needs. we have not has worked to acquire financing by myself and i am unable to score a co-signer. I would love to manage to fullfill the brand new dream we enjoys to become a nurse/

I am one moms and dad having the absolute minimum wage jobs and you will I’m shopping for a give for my personal son to attend college or university. Continua a leggere