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If Things Don’t Go Smoothly; Don’t Try To Fix It For Him

It is not your responsibility to make every moment perfect or to ease his discomfort. Show up authentically and relax into your feminine. Leave space for awkward pauses and uncomfortable moments.

A man who wants a long-term committed relationship will want to be your hero. If you continue to rescue things when they get bumpy, you’ll never know if he will step up to fill those shoes. Plus, you’ll get a clearer picture of who he is when you leave the space for him to do all the DOING and you just simply respond.

Even if you feel uncomfortable resist the urge to make things better. Imagine that he is the comedian on stage and you’re in the audience. If you take this advice you will never again have to ask a man three months into dating, “Where is this going?”

Don’t Make Excuses For Him Or His Behavior

Talking on the phone or over video chat will not give you insight into who he really is. Being with him out in the world and seeing how he interacts with valets, waiters, or other service people will reveal more. Continua a leggere