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The sweetest personalities in the chat world might very well hang out in the ES chatroom

The chat interface is nice, traffic is extremely low and, if you’re not into discussing surgery or hormones with a bunch of it’s-my-way-or-it’s-the-wrong-way geniuses, your time might be better spent elsewhere.

Erie Sisters

Wonderful people! Well, with an exception or two. Actually, someone there took an immediate dislike for me and it kept me from really becoming one of ‘the Sisters” but that’s okay. . lol.

I’ve had the opportunity to spend some in-person time with 4 or 5 girls, and a couple guys, who I met here and they’re as nice in person as they are online.

The chat interface is the standard Ning software and it works well. All in all, a low traffic chatroom that’s a great place to meet sweet girls and guys who are both fun and supportive.

The Gender Society

This is Katie, from Frock magazine’s, website. Like the magazine, it’s slick, informative and geared towards a wide segment of the community. Good info, nice people, a great look but the chatroom is very underused. To the point where it’s almost not worth including here. With just a small handful of dedicated regular chatroom users who are mature, non-judgmental and reflect Katie’s classy philosophy, this one could be big, in my opinion.

But I continue to check in occasionally in hopes it comes to life but, so far, there has been no change.

I recently got an email from the website saying that someone had commented on one of my photos. The email contained a link to the comment. But when I clicked on the link, I was informed that only paid subscribers have access to that area. How can this be? It’s

photo and I can’t see the comment? So I went over to their tech forums and asked the question. The forum moderator was very responsive and quickly explained that yes, only paid subscribers can see this. I understood what she was telling me but she proceeded, not once but twice, to try to make me feel like a cheapo for not paying the subscription fee. (I just can’t subscribe to every site and this one is definitely a low benefit proposition). Continua a leggere