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The Oxford button-down shirt has been worn by sophisticated gentlemen for the last 120 years

As the name suggests, they are made from the oxford cloth, which is thicker than other shirting materials. These shirts have buttons from top to bottom and a hanger loop at the back of the yoke. You can buy them in different colors from different brands and pair them with pants or jeans. Since they are usually worn for formal events, they look more elegant with pants.

Striped Formal Full Sleeve Shirts

Do you take pride in your muscular built? Do you like to show it off at events? If yes, then striped formal full sleeve shirts in slim fit style can fulfill your shirt requirements in a formal setting as they are best suited for men who are tall and have a muscular built. These shirts have stripes all over them, as the name suggests. You can wear them at all kinds of formal events such as meetings, formal lunches, interviews or as regular office attire.

Grandad Collar Shirts

Do you get rashes due to the hard surface of the normal collared shirts? Continua a leggere