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Scam! Females pay $15 men that are usd $50 usd per month 25 January 2019 Reviewer: Wisechocolate from Houston, Tx

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Fake web web site extremely rude staff cash making scam taxation vat intrusion

This can be an extremely bad web web web site bogus pages and records I paid 90 days upfront just got 30 days that they are hiding the rest from them and they deleted my account I ask the for as refund but no joy I have reported ?Adeem Younis (director) and others to the tax office for tax invasion and for vat fraud and false accounting to they claim to have 2.5million members at the rate ?119 per year thats a lot money there accounts show that they only declare 5% of that to the vat and tax it seems to me. I’ve additionally reported them to your trading requirements they’ve been making false pages and utilizing individuals details for bogus accounts. Under the information security legislation and false marketing most of us have to report them its our responsibility you discover detail of there records and business reg quantity in the companies house online free of charge we can get a voices heard and to stop these bad people from ripping us off and protect the public purse if we all do our bit

This amazing site is a total scam the administrators are hypocrites they advertised something special choice which can be taken care of by male users to make contact with

Feminine users but once you mention this solution which you have taken care of an email to be sent to her why are you there to get off to you contact the administrators or the customer care that will simply say it is their policy this website is a scam they are fake Muslims probably not even Muslims behind the account most of the profiles msging men are fake you can see the profiles in their original state in other websites that you have paid for in your profile the administrator is doing this to be inappropriate content and the female user is unaware. Continua a leggere