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Separate averages was computed to own lesbian and you may bisexual girls also gay and you may bisexual guys

Population-established studies present you to definitely guess this new part of grownups that transgender are unusual. The fresh Massachusetts Behavioural Chance Factor Security Questionnaire signifies one of the couples inhabitants-situated surveys that include a concern built to pick the fresh new transgender population. Analyses of 2007 and you can 2009 studies recommend that 0.5% of people old 18-64 recognized as transgender (Conron 2011).

The 2003 Ca Lgbt Cigarette Questionnaire discovered that 3.2% off Gay and lesbian someone identified as transgender. Recall your 2009 California Fitness Interviews Survey prices one step three.2% out of people in the state is LGB. When the both of these rates is true, it means everything 0.1% out of grownups when you look at the California was transgender. Continua a leggere