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What makes Kenya a gay Retreat yet , Authorities Faith Homosexual Lions Are “Demonic” and you will “Taught” by Travelers?

The fresh African Exponent A week

Kenyatta won’t take part in talks regarding homosexuality however, do the guy realise their country has actually taverns where homosexuals was easily scouting to own people? Really does the guy learn, including Mutua do, you to lions in the Masaai Mara are experiencing gay intercourse?

Is it possible you think about how it happened a year ago within the Kenya? I would ike to fill your when you look at the. A couple of men lions was indeed cera repair each other’s sexual requires and the complete off Kenya are shaken! Well, not the whole from Kenya however, at the very least Dr. Ezekiel Mutua was shaken. The guy believe it absolutely was the conclusion all the lions. Continua a leggere