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Following tournament concluded, Kurama resumed their every day life, returning to Meiou Highschool

Section Black colored Tale

Whenever Yusuke was kidnapped, a letter tells Botan and you may Kuwabara to consult with Kurama’s college or university and find him having Hiei’s assist so they will get recover the buddy. Immediately following looking for Hiei as well, they go towards the household where Yusuke had been kept only to open the doorway and acquire Yu Kaito waiting for him or her. When Kuwabara, Hiei, and you will Botan’s souls try consumed in because of the Kaito’s stamina out of forbidden, Kurama ‘s the last shred out of hope to overcome Kaito within his online game and regain this new souls from his relatives.

Upon Kurama conquering Kaito through your make fun of, brand new souls was basically recovered in addition they rise the journey away from stairways to acquire Yusuke. Just after it absolutely was revealed that Genkai was trailing new ruse, it is found that there is a different sort of likelihood of a good opening to help you devil industry opening.

24 hours later, the group divide towards a few, with Kurama top the team looking for the opening during the Demon’s Doorway Cave. A day later, Kurama doesn’t appear during the Yusuke’s family as the the guy establishes to spend Koenma a trip, convinced that he . If it’s shown one Kurama’s accusations are indeed real, it’s upcoming revealed that the leader try Shinobu Sensui, an old Soul Detective. When Sensui gets to Yusuke’s house to help you kidnap Kuwabara in check for Gourmet consume Kuwabara’s Dimensional Blade, the group then fits up within Demon’s Home Cavern. Whenever entering the cave, Amanuma’s (Online game Master’s) fuel might have been triggered, to make Goblin Urban area real life. Continua a leggere