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My personal quick summary on Acquiring set In European countries

I invested somewhat over three days in four different nations (Finland, Poland, Romania, while the Czech Republic). In that opportunity, I banged 14 brand new babes. One from Time video game. One from Night video game, and twelve from Tinder. Demonstrably, Europe is very large there may be some differences when considering specific region (in other words I got 20-40x extra suits in Poland then Romania).

The key reason with this is I think try reliability/lack of flaking. If one makes plans with a woman in European countries, this woman is quite likely to demonstrate up-and show up punctually. This was exceptionally nourishing after investing one half 10 years living in la (most likely the flakiest town in the field). It was like experiencing two polar extremes. Los angeles, where practically 3/4 females flake and when they actually do show up their always latepared to Europe, in which the flaking actually also truly something (The whole times, I became in Europe i believe i acquired flaked on when and she texted me a few hours after apologizing)

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