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In fact, some people perceive any flexible arrangement as a sign that you aren’t committed

Battle the bias Bailyn says that one of the biggest barriers to making these situations successful is the attitude of others. Williams has observed this stigma in her research at the Center for WorkLife Law. “In most organizations this is seen as an ‘odd duck’ arrangement,” she says. The best way to challenge this bias is to excel at the work. “Make it very clear that you’re meeting the norms the organization has for people who are dedicated to the job,” says Williams.

Give it time Once you’ve settled on an arrangement that you, your partner, and your boss think will work, try it out. Set a pilot period and experiment with how you split the work and communicate. Then tweak as necessary. “It’s good to give the process a bit of time to work out the kinks and get people used to it. After some experience, most people react positively,” says Bailyn. No matter how long you’ve been sharing a job, it’s a good idea to continually reassess and make adjustments based on what’s working for each of you, your boss, and the organization.

But she was a new mother, and only wanted to work 50% time

  • When selecting a partner, choose someone you can easily communicate, collaborate, and disagree with
  • Ask your boss for feedback regularly – be vigilant about communicating with her about the arrangement
  • Make sure it’s a seamless experience for your co-workers and anyone outside your organization

But she was a new mother, and only wanted to work 50% time

  • Leave anything unspoken – talk to your partner regularly
  • Assume everyone will be fine with the arrangement – combat bias by excelling at your shared work
  • Set the details in stone – it’s better to experiment and make adjustments as necessary

Case study #1: Experiment with the arrangement to find what works Gretchen Anderson had been working as a consultant to the Katzenbach Center at Strategy& for a few months when the opportunity to take on the role of center director came up. Continua a leggere