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Just how to view your aid that is pending and your school funding.

Accepting Financial Aid

Once you’ve sent applications for educational funding and effectively cleared all holds, a notification will be delivered to your Panther Mail and MyFIU account to accept/decline your educational funding. This school funding notification is sent out no sooner than June of every year for present pupils. Follow these actions to just accept your school funding:

  1. Login to MyFIU. See Access MyFIU for help.
  2. Choose the ‘Financial Aid’ tile.
  3. Pick a from the ‘aid year’ line within the dining table year.
  4. Review all eligibility needs for every product you accept by pressing the connected item title. Funds and scholarships are immediately accepted that you accept or decline for you, but loans require.
    • Loan recipients should accept just the loan quantity essential to pay money for educational costs. See loans that are receiving more details.
  5. To simply accept or drop a specific item, find the package under ‘Accept’ or ‘Decline’ line. To simply accept or drop the package that is entire simply click on ‘Accept All’ or ‘Decline All’ buttons.
  6. Verify choices by pressing ‘Submit.’
  7. Some products may instruct one to finish documents that are additional. Check the demands for the educational funding program.

School Funding Process

The assist you accept here is considered pending help. Pending help is almost certainly not the amount that is actual get upon disbursement. The school funding workplace may periodically make adjustments whilst the beginning of the semester approaches or thereafter.

The essential typical known reasons for a modification include modifications to:

  • Enrollment which reduces the expense of attendance
  • Residency status
  • Housing arrangements
  • Satisfactory Academic Progress status
  • Extra the help of other sources all things considered other aid was disbursed (including tuition waivers, assistantships and fellowships)
  • Inaccuracies when you look at the home elevators which your aid that is financial is

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