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New incidence and you may you can easily chance facts of these myopathies had been claimed far away, but not but really into the Canada

  • Sunoh Che,
  • Chaoyue Wang,
  • Csaba Varga,
  • Shai Barbut,
  • Leonardo Susta
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    Pasta meats (SM), woody breast (WB), and you may white striping (WS) is actually myopathies which affect the new pectoral muscle tissue from timely-growing broiler chickens. Therefore, the reason for this study were to gauge the incidence and you may chance products of the this type of myopathies from inside the a realtor society regarding Canadian broilers. Off , 250 haphazard nipple fillets regarding each of 37 flocks (overall, 9,250) had been taken from a couple processing plant life and you can reviewed on the presence and you may severity out-of myopathies. Group data (age.grams., sex and mediocre real time pounds), environment standards from inside the expand-out period (elizabeth.grams., temperature), and husbandry parameters (age.grams., vaccination) were built-up for every head. Associations between these circumstances plus the myopathies have been checked playing with logistic regression analyses. Continua a leggere