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That this vandal saw no distinction between bisexual and identity that is lesbian notable, but hardly unique.

In the event that otherwise old-fashioned bisexual spouses and moms of Bartell’s research were commonly understood as “truly” straight, more politically active bisexual feminists, like those whose writing appears in Weise’s collection, nearer to Residence, have actually frequently been viewed as “truly” lesbian.

This tendency is fairly obvious into the UT Austin Libraries’ copy of nearer to Residence, by which somebody has scrawled catchy phrases“burn that is including hell!” plus the creatively spelled “Die Bie!” in pen and yellowish highlighter across numerous pages. No library paperwork exists up to now the graffiti, which implies if you ask me so it happened just recently. The word “dyke” (also spelled “dike”) appears eight times throughout the text for the book, however it is your message “die” alone that seems most frequently. Flipping through the book’s pages, the graffiti creates an incantation of kinds, which checks out something such as this: perish, die, die, die, die, dike, die, dyke, dyke, die. The bi/dykes reading the book, or both is unclear, but as a reader the menacing message felt personal, and I was unable to focus on the text of Closer to Home despite it whether this message was intended for the bi/dykes within the book. Continua a leggere