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Feminine ejaculation: could you show you to ultimately squirt while having sex?

Anything you’ve ever wondered about squirting.

No other intimate event is as shrouded in secret as feminine ejaculation. Even today the idea of squirting is still frequently met with scepticism.

Therefore is feminine ejaculation genuine or simply a stunt developed by the porn industry? Or worse: just pee? And certainly will every woman figure out how to squirt? The experts were asked by us.

Ejaculation versus squirting

In accordance with French gynaecologist and intercourse researcher Dr Samuel Salama, you need to comprehend the distinction between feminine ejaculation and squirting.

Evidently feminine ejaculation occurs through the female prostate – ‘yes, it exists!’ – and creates not as much as 1ml of milky white fluid. This feminine ejaculate is composed just like male ejaculate, but with no semen. Continua a leggere