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Does the Notion “the Lower, the Better” Hold into the Elderly?

The Framingham data recommended a sexdependent and agedependent limit for high blood pressure (36). The advised SBP limit is 140 mmHg in males aged 4554 years and 160 mmHg in those between 65 and 74 years; about this foundation, despite having the possible lack of epidemiological observations correctly handling this presssing problem, we possibly may hypothesize that the limit for males over 75 years of age is also greater. This idea is apparently sustained by some observational studies: Jacobs et al. (37) indicated that elevated SBP had not been associated with an increase of 5year mortality in a cohort of communitydwelling 85yearold people. Two other observational studies carried out in senior individuals with diabetes demonstrated a relationship that is inverse mortality and BP amounts (38,39). van Hateren et al. (39) indicated that a loss of 10 mmHg in SBP and DBP resulted in a mortality enhance of 22 and 30%, correspondingly. Continua a leggere