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My Dragon Girlfriend has great anime-style visuals. The girls that are 2D created really cutely and gorgeous.


The plot of My Dragon Girlfriend: Anime Dating Sim is intimate but has a little bit of a dream, unreal. Have actually you ever really imagined that after you’re on the road house, there is a voice that is groaning the park? You approach cautiously strange noises and you also meet an injured girl lying right prior to you. With anxiety and stress, you cautiously approach the lady, then she holds your hand and demands a request that is strange “Please offer me personally a number of your blood”. Then, you dropped unconscious.

This is a romantic love story of the main character at first glance, it looks like horror movies but in fact. Once you get up, you’re in sleep, convinced that yesterday had been only a dream. Every thing changes whenever you see a lady called Alice within the living room and eating donuts. Even though you are an individual who just isn’t noticed by any woman, there clearly was a girl in your household. During the exact same time, two classmates Merle and Seychelles – girls off their globe begun to attempt to get nearer to you. Yourself has grown to become more interesting since that night …


Your ex you came across within the family room had been Alice, a tsundere dragon woman having a grumpy mindset and harsh words merely to hide her embarrassment and cuteness. And she had been the exact same person you came across that evening. Continua a leggere