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Lesbian Kama Sutra: 100 intercourse jobs for females pt.3

Position 50. The stronghold

Every once in a while we truly need some intercourse device to spice things up and ‘the stronghold’ is a good place doing exactly that. Get two seats and, sitting opposite one another, get those legs tangled up together and push your pubic bones toward one another for many hot and stimulation that is heavy. The seats will provide you with an angle that is new something firm to keep onto whilst you result in the planet move.

Position 51. The Eve and today

The scissors place is this type of one that is good we’ve had to add it an additional reincarnation. This time take a nap top to tail together with your partner and line your clits for many intimate satisfaction. This place works very well having a vibrator too – the options are endless.

Position 52. Welcome straight right back

Idea seats had been only for watching TV in? Don’t be therefore boring! This place is all you ought to keep your lover astonished. Lay on a chair and also have your partner bend down prior to you. Because of this it is possible to stimulate her while she pleasures you by having a masturbator.

Position 53. Backside raunch

Bring your partner from behind with a band on and kneel closely together for example steamy session.

Position 54. The storm

Take a seat on your spouse, who’s lying on the straight straight straight back, and sleep both hands on her behalf knees in order to take control of your rhythm as you rub against her. To actually sex things up, put a dildo between the two of you for a few stimulation that is mutual.

Position 55. The nasty one

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