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This last weekend I happened to be fortunate enough to go to an engagement celebration for my host-sister’s friend that is best

Getting married. Armenian Design

Some time ago, her boyfriend decided they set a date to ukrainian dating sites get engaged that they wanted to get married, so. I became confused. When you look at the States, we don’t typically “set a romantic date” to have engaged. Either you become engaged to be married an individual asks you, or perhaps you don’t. There’s perhaps not frequently a state that is in-between of. To start with, we thought that I had simply misinterpreted. Any day now that they had maybe talked about getting married at some distant point in the future, or that my host-sister’s friend was expecting to be asked by her boyfriend. But, no. A couple of months ago they chose to formally get involved on March tenth. So, to commemorate this engagement and also the numerous differences that are cultural make learning another’s way of living therefore attractive and worthwhile, I made a decision to concentrate this informative article on everything wedding. Well, things traditional Armenian wedding, become exact.

For some Armenians weddings are frequently really formal, joyous occasions chock-full of long-standing traditions staunchly, or in certain instances grudgingly, upheld.

One such tradition is the “Khosk-kap. ” This somewhat formal occasion formally kicks from the engagement and it is just like that which we in the usa would phone an engagement reception or celebration. Continua a leggere