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Meet Willow, the Dating App That Won’t Judge You By The Appearance

You will find lot of apps available on the market now for young people looking for love: Tinder, Bumble, and OkCupid, to mention a couple of. Though their rationales vary—Tinder and Bumble are both concerning the swipe, but on Bumble, women result in the very first move, in accordance with OkCupid it is possible to get a handle on just how much information you reveal up front—they all have one or more thing in typical: Potential mates judge one another considering appearance.

But Willow, a brand new software striking the App shop on Wednesday, is looking for a various approach. As opposed to swiping left or right in line with the first selfie the thing is, you’re prompted to resolve a collection of three questions—written by users—that are made to spark up a discussion. What’s more, users decide when and in case they would like to share pictures along with other users; to start with, the responses to those concerns are typical dates that are future.

The app’s creator Michael Bruch states Willow sets the “social” back social networking. Bruch, now 24, ended up being fresh away from nyc University as he established the application a year ago. He claims he was seeking to fill a void he noticed when working with apps that are dating centered on swipes in the place of that which you like. Continua a leggere