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Dear Jennifer: I’m hitched but enthusiastic about an other woman

ADVICE: You appear you can bring that view to my problem like you might be a pretty non-judgmental person, so I’m hoping. I am a married man who happens to be having an affair for pretty much per year. I adore my spouse and our children and our life together but our sex-life is now quite boring for me personally. I will be also deeply in love with a woman that is beautiful We came across within my gymnasium. She is a bit younger than me personally and appears completely fine utilizing the proven fact that i am hitched and cannot be described as a full-time partner to her. This arrangement happens to be training ideal for me personally. I do not think my partner suspects such a thing, in reality she seems actually delighted these times (perhaps because i’ve been). You will find simply two dilemmas right here – shame, clearly, if she knew because I know this would shatter my wife. And an increasing obsession with this other girl. She claims she is maybe not seeing other people, but she usually takes quite a while to return texting, and I also keep wondering just what she is around once I’m house with my partner for a Saturday evening. I’m taken in two instructions – I do not wish to break my family up, but i’d like more with this other girl than i am getting. Continua a leggere