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Here’s just what a 16th-century rabbi stated when Henry VIII asked for relationship advice

An innovative new display of Hebrew manuscripts in the Uk Library in London includes a good amount of material you’d anticipate: Among other products, it has a Hebrew Bible from the century that is 10th the initial understood content of Maimonides’ “Guide towards the Perplexed.”

But there’s one really astonishing artifact at the display, which stateside Judaica aficionados can view online: a 16th-century rabbi’s wedding advice for Henry VIII.

In 1530, the notoriously gouty monarch ended up being attempting to rid himself of their very first spouse, Catherine of Aragon, that has did not provide him a male heir, and marry the (theoretically) more fertile Anne Boleyn. The problem that is only? With Catholicism the reigning Christian denomination in Western Europe, divorce proceedings ended up beingn’t a choice. Henry required the Pope to give him an annulment.

So Henry did that which we all do whenever we’re mad at our partner; he scoured European countries for the rabbi that would declare that their wedding violated God’s will. Continua a leggere