After they go homeward, their daughters give them a surprise party for their vacation for the ways from “kidnapping” him or her

The latest group happens in a forest home during the Hawaiian style, that have Dave and you will Jerry amusing all of them with instrument to try out. Agnes prepares a blended soup with an excellent gummy bear inside, and that both Gru and you can Lucy almost barf whenever that have some. When the people inquire further about their works, Gru know he lost their representative work and he will see another.

Mel brings a visit so you’re able to Gru, thus Gru falls for the research. Indeed there, the Minions, already know the headlines you to definitely Gru is no longer a real estate agent, eagerly persuade Gru to go back to help you villainy. Gru does not want in order to, and you can Mel strategies a fall regarding the some Gru’s earlier featuring his villainous acts and you will awkward scene becoming a father. Gru, but not, cannot changes their notice, and so the Minions want to leave your, except Dave and you may Jerry, who will be just right back regarding the Hawaiian cluster.

The next day, Gru understands the news one Bratt had the newest diamond from the hit, and then he sees Agnes attempting to sell some items to possess maintaining their lives, plus the girl dear Unicorn Plush, and this Gru is pretty surprised and you can little sorrowful whether or not it relates to their joblessness

Fritz comes up on turf asking for Gru, and you can Gru techniques him to the holding a rocket and releasing they away to burst; however, Fritz yields, informing Gru that he provides a twin brother entitled Dru and you may the news in the his father, Robert. Gru, in the beginning, is not convinced anyway, since the guy believes their father could have been lifeless for many years, however, he gets baffled when Fritz gets him an image away from his parents and two babies drawn it sixties. After this, Gru would go to their mother, who’s with plunge classes that have young Vincenzo and you will Paolo; as the Gru requires the girl on the whether he’s got a twin brother, she is shocked immediately after which shows you the real facts.

In reality, she divorced which have Robert and you will hid the real truth about that have various other dual man

After, Gru takes a personal jet having Lucy therefore the lady in order to Dru’s Residence inside Freedonia; within his means, he could be thrilled getting conference Dru and presumptions and therefore looks the guy would-be eg. As he countries a for all the nearby apron, he discovers your residence in addition to apron is actually enclosed by and you can laden up with an enormous herd out-of pigs, and another ones have assaulting and you will going after Gru. Gru cheerfully greets to Dru since Dru rushes along the stairs, however, he is in the future shocked to see that Dru try a blond immediately after the guy will take off his white-hat. Dru then requires Fritz to drive Lucy while the people so you’re able to the metropolis, and Gru and you will Dru visit the below ground foot within the backyard in the mansion; inside the techniques, Gru falls for the avoid tough unprepared. Dru after that requires Gru for some sculptures of their ancestors, advising him that the villainy is largely the household lifestyle. When Robert is real time, he had been happy with Gru while he wasn’t happy with Dru. Gru answers which he quit getting villain for a while, therefore Dru suggests your a multi-functional wonderful auto you to Robert shortly after put plus they each other push into the area extremely. The car is equipped with awesome functions, saving them from of several following critical things, though Gru is fairly astonished and you can furious.

Regarding urban area, Dru steals one or two lollipops out-of a chocolates store cart, and soon he and you will Gru and you may chased immediately after Freedonian police. Gru pushes punctual within the lanes and ultimately escapes of the drilling an effective huge opening for the water outside the town. For the a large part of your own seashore, Dru persuades Gru to help you commit various other heist, and you can Gru ond right back. In the evening, Gru transfers attire and you will disguises as Dru; the acts confuses Lucy and the female. Agnes ends their food easily and you may she says to Gru one she is just about to discover a genuine unicorn very she needs to check out bead earlier. Once Agnes prays to obtain the unicorn properly, Gru gets into to your space and climbs within the steps to-arrive the lady sleep; to start with, he tries to share with the lady one unicorns never can be found, but he changes their terms to not ever split the lady cardiovascular system. When he strolls off, he falls for the floors as he forgot the newest top of brand new ladder.

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