For a few days, Kirk lived one of several Local American populace, worshiped as the a goodness entitled “Kirok”


When you look at the 2268, at first glance of one’s Amerind entire world, a major accident created amnesia for the Kirk and you may broke up your regarding Organization landing party.

His head relaxed regarding the challenges out-of demand, he got a spouse, Miramanee, who turned expecting together with boy.

In the event the tribal worship out of Kirok was dispelled, the guy and Miramanee was indeed stoned – fatally harming both the girl in addition to their unborn kid. ( TOS : ” The newest Heaven Syndrome “)

David Marcus

Kirk’s relationship with Carol Marcus put a guy, David Marcus. In the Carol’s request, Kirk existed out-of David’s early lifestyle. David knew anything away from Kirk, writing on your since “the brand new more than-grown guy scout” his mommy familiar with discover, although not one Kirk is their father. Carol leftover David’s dad’s name a secret, fearing one to Kirk’s daring lives carry out draw David out of the girl. In spite of the breakup, Carol informed Kirk you to David are “a lot like your, in ways.”

Inside the 2285, David was coping with his mommy from the Federation browse route Regula I as an element of a team development Investment Genesis whenever Khan Noonien Singh attacked the station. Immediately following fleeing on the Regula planetoid, Kirk rescued David and Carol. Kirk did not quickly recognize their child during the their shameful conference, and soon after became depression in terms quiero aplicaciones de citas reseñas de sitios of a new lifetime because an effective father. He seen David’s dislike off your, worrying so you’re able to Carol “I have a person We have not present in fifteen years, seeking to destroy me, and you show me a man that has love the opportunity to let him”. Just after watching Kirk’s profit in the Race of your own Mutara Nebula therefore the funeral to have Spock, David consoled his father and you will accepted he had been “satisfied, extremely proud, as [his] child.” ( Celebrity Trek II: The latest Wrath from Khan )

Later in the 2285, David was a coach to your starship USS Grissom, evaluating the newest Genesis globe he had aided to help make. Pulled hostage from the Klingons, David disturbed an attempted execution out of Lieutenant Saavik, grappling a great Klingon warrior briefly before becoming killed which have a beneficial stab to your boobs. The news out of David’s demise provided Kirk so you’re able to hit to your patio inside the suffering, advising Chief Kruge “you Klingon bastard, you killed my personal kid.” Kirk subsequently murdered Kruge and all sorts of but one of is own staff. As Kirk and his awesome staff produced its getting away from new collapsing Genesis world, he somberly and mournfully said goodbye so you can their guy. ( Superstar Trek III: The newest Look for Spock )

Kirk leftover David’s thoughts close, that have a picture of his child inside the household on board the fresh new Enterprise-A beneficial. Kirk’s view of Klingons, immediately after opponents he may occasionally regard and even share a laugh that have, became into the hatred. In the 2293, during the diplomatic mission for the Klingon Empire inspired because of the depletion regarding Praxis, he logged “I’ve never trusted Klingons, and that i never will. I have never been capable forgive him or her with the loss of my personal kid.” The newest log admission was applied up against your in trial to own the brand new murder regarding Chancellor Gorkon, therefore the experience pushed him to come quickly to conditions together with his hatred to have Klingons. ( Celebrity Trek VI: The fresh new Undiscovered Country )

Awards and you will honors

Palm-leaf away from Axanar Serenity Purpose Grankite Purchase off Strategies (Family of Excellence) Preantares Bow off Commendation (Categories Earliest and you will Next) Starfleet Medal away from Honor Starfleet Gold Palm (which have group) Starfleet Citation for Obvious Gallantry Karagite Acquisition out-of Heroism ( TOS : ” Legal parece Akaar – The brand new Teer regarding Capella IV carries the first brands out-of Leonard McCoy and you can James T. Kirk. ( TOS : ” Friday’s Man “) USS Organization (NCC-1701-A) – A beneficial starship try re also-christened within the identification of their solution, affect the fresh new membership number of his brand-new order, an honor persisted to have generations. ( Superstar Trip IV: The fresh Trip House , ainsi que al.)

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