5. Discussing Somebody’s Actual Attributes and you will Identity

As previously mentioned prior to, the job can transform with time. Although not, you still need to make use of ‘Ser’ in cases like this. Take a look at analogy:

Fui enfermera durante ten anos, ahora soya ama de- casa I happened to be a nursing assistant having ten decades, i am just a housewife

Notice that you employ ‘Ser’ with its earlier function to generally share your own dated profession and you can ‘Ser’ in introduce means to express the modern occupation.

4. Exploit otherwise Your own personal? Saying Hands

Although there are many a means to talk about possesions within the Foreign-language, one common way to help you it is by using the verb ‘Ser’. When using the verb ‘Ser’ in this instance, you are sorts of distinguishing the object and its own holder. Just remember that , there are many different ways to discuss possesions in the Language.

Bear in mind that into the Spanish the newest noun together with verb must consent inside amount. In addition, this new adjective and also in this example the brand new possessive pronoun should concur in both matter and you will sex. Notice that the last instances was predicated on your personal property. not, when talking about another person’s possessions you have got two options. You either fool around with a good possessive pronoun or you make use of the after the structure:

Whenever these are somebody’s physical functions and identification we always have fun with ‘Ser’. Often, new Foreign language audio system have fun with ‘Ser’ and you will ‘Estar’ interchangeably in this case. Although not, i have fun with ‘Ser’ to generally share built-in qualities. Below are a few of the most prominent bodily characteristics that actually work for the verb ‘Ser’.

Constitution and you can Height

If you’re to describe someone’s height or composition, you have to do it to the verb ‘Ser’. Here are some examples.

So just why often you could potentially listen to this type of phrases to your verb ‘Estar? Since they are speaking of temporary states. Simply put, you might claim that your sis ‘esta gordo’ to talk about which he has been restaurants a lot and then he achieved pounds. not, in this instance, his absolute structure isn’t lbs.

Skin’s, Eyes’, Hair’s Color

This can be various other actual attribute that people determine toward verb ‘Ser’. In order to do this, you must utilize the possessive pronouns.

Describing somebody’s Character

Exactly as i have fun with ‘Ser’ to describe another person’s appareance, i also use it once we need to talk about their identification.

6. Describing an item

Just as we have fun with ‘Ser’ whenever explaining somebody’s physical properties otherwise identity, i additionally use it to spell it out an item. Listed below are a few of the most prominent features that actually work which have ‘Ser’.


Whilst you not likely will be speaking of content and you may textiles from day to night, you must know this another quite common utilization of the verb ‘Ser’. Once you are in this case, definitely utilize the after the framework.

Even if you could translate phrase by-word new English terms ‘is created of’, from inside the verbal Language, i have fun with ‘ser de’ to fairly share information. In addition, remember that for people who convert phrase by-word, jak smazat účet fastflirting you should have to take the verb ‘Estar’. Long lasting solution you decide on, both are best.


Each time you should establish an object’s figure otherwise consistency, you can make use of the newest verb ‘Ser’. Although this does not take a look common to possess a discussion, remember that to be able to describe an item try very helpful when you are understanding an alternate vocabulary and you have no idea or try not to think about an object’s identity.

Although you may have not regarded as it, these are an excellent thing’s size is very well-known in a conversation. So make sure, you use the right verb.

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