South African Man’s Losing Lottery Ticket in Keystone Kops Mess

Right numbers, wrong date: a South African man who thought he won the lottery finds out the hard way he did not.

A young man from Hillcrest, KwaZulu-Natal in Southern Africa who laid claim to a National Lottery prize of R33 780 698 ($3,470,796) recently was not just the victim of a bad crime, but additionally the victim of not reading the correct date on the ticket; something plenty of us could probably relate genuinely to, we’re sure.

Robbed by Cops?

The non-winner 26-year-old Sipho Ngcobo was allegedly relieved of their admission by thieves dressed up as cops whom became jealous of his boasting and saw a way to earn some money that is easyso they thought) by firmly taking it upon on their own to see the house of the winner with firearms. Because of this, he and his household opened up a case of theft and the real police began investigating the incident.

But, it is now been confirmed by South African authorities that Ngcobo had the wrong date; in reality, he didn’t even purchase his admission until Oct. 14, and their ticket was actually for the October 16 draw; the winning ticket in question had been for October 13. Therefore even though his figures were appropriate, his date was wrong, and timing, as the saying goes, is everything.

No-Name Winner Vindicated

This will come as great news to the particular (unnamed) winner; regional newspapers said Mr. Anonymous had currently claimed his prize at a Spar outlet in Wartburg over eight hours before the alleged robbery even took spot, making it impossible for the ticket that is winning have been stolen.

The man who legitimately claimed the prize had chosen to remain anonymous out of fears that his winnings could place him in danger in his community, but he was seen on CCTV footage celebrating within the store upon finding out the amount he had won.

‘I had bought the ticket on Thursday the week prior from a shop of this type,’ the faceless winning father of four said. ‘I didn’t watch the draw on Saturday and I only saw the results on Monday. I had to check twice and I was shocked and still didn’t really believe it until I saw the printout on the display.’

They can breathe a sigh of relief, not forgetting access his winnings now; until the situation was solved, everything was in lockdown, sort of taking the excitement off a big lottery win, in ways.

‘ My bank account has been frozen because of the full situation that has been opened and no police have come to speak to me personally,’ explained the winner woefully. ‘There is so evidence that is much their tale is really a lie.

‘These people are telling lies. They say the winning solution was taken on Monday night, but if you see the CCTV footage it shows I happened to be there each morning, of course you look at the attendance register at the Gidani building in Durban, they will see I went there before 3pm.’

The truly big losers right here, it would appear, are the ‘robbers’ (if they exist) who will definitely be pretty frustrated to find out that they went along to the trouble of stealing a losing ticket.

Pennsylvania On Line Gambling Not Likely Anytime Soon

Appears like Pennsylvania is thumbing its nose at online gambling, at the least for now.

Pennsylvania may have become the Las vegas, nevada of the East having its land gambling enterprises, but the state is not searching to follow the initial in terms of providing games online. While at the very least two of the state’s neighbors are pushing forward with online gambling plans, Pennsylvania isn’t worried, and apparently want to just take a ‘wait and see’ approach to Internet gaming.

Waiting and Watching

Surrounding states New Jersey and Delaware are both looking to launch their online gambling platforms this fall, with Delaware set to begin offering a real income play as early as Halloween. But according to officials in Pennsylvania, they’ll need to have a look at how things go in those states and possibly others before they even start thinking about permitting such games to be licensed in the Keystone State.

‘I don’t see any groundswell that is real now for Web video gaming,’ said Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board president William H. Ryan Jr. at a conference in Philadelphia. During that conference, Ryan took part in a panel discussion on gambling legislation which also included officials from nj and Delaware, as well as representatives from Massachusetts and Florida. All of these continuing states have expanded or are looking at expanding the gambling options in their states, though just New Jersey and Delaware have included Internet gaming.

Certainly one of the top concerns for officials in the state is the potential effect on existing land-based casinos therefore the Pennsylvania Lottery.

‘We want [land-based gambling] to endure right here and also to prosper, because it puts cash in our coffers,’ said State Senator Kim Ward.

Online, On Land or Both

This concern are at the heart of several online gambling debates in the usa. Numerous state governments have considered online gaming as a potential supply of new taxation revenues. Nonetheless, it’s been difficult to figure out exactly how much money will be raised, since it’s possible that some of the money gained on websites will likely be cash that would have otherwise been spent at a brick-and-mortar casino. Pennsylvania officials hope that nj will suggest to them just how money that is much be won through online gambling, and exactly how much damage if any is done to land-based casinos in the act.

That’s not to say that Pennsylvania isn’t evaluating the likelihood of incorporating Web betting sometime as time goes by. It’s no coincidence that the entire world Regulatory Briefing USA was simply held in Philadelphia this season, and state officials were certainly interested in hearing from others with more experience into the online realm.

‘we are basically hoping to find out more about how other states, jurisdictions as well as some international jurisdictions…would approach Internet gambling,’ said Kevin O’Toole, executive director of the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

But at the time that is current legislators all concur that online gambling isn’t being considered in Pennsylvania, also it’s perhaps not a priority for debate or research at the moment. Instead, any expansion of gambling options will probably come within the world that is brick-and-mortar.

‘What we have been seeing is far more curiosity about legislation that would offer the a large number of bars and social groups the authority to have little games of chance,’ Control Board chairman Ryan said. He added that these groups also provide much more active lobbying teams in the state, which provides them a better opportunity of seeing their dilemmas show up in the legislature.

And that’s likely the reason the state’s Senate Appropriations Committee passed legislation this week that will allow bars to have raffles and drawings, for as long as 60 percent of the cash raised comes back to your state. Cha-ching.

Clemson QB Tajh Boyd Flatly Denies Gambling Debt Rumors

Reports of Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd’s rumored gambling losses have been grossly exaggerated, to paraphrase Mark Twain.

Imagine that you are the starting quarterback for a top NCAA football program. You’re right in the middle regarding the National Championship race…and then you lose 51-14 to a rival, at home. And somehow, that’s not really the worst thing that occurs for you within the weekend.

That’s what happened to Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd, who was the niche of some rumors that are rather outlandish. While his team was busy losing poorly to ACC rival Florida State, the online world was buzzing with a rumor that Boyd had run up $80,000 in gambling debts something that will be a violation of the NCAA’s strict regulation of college athletes, to say the least.

Rumors and Nothing Considerably?

There was only one problem, however: as far as anyone can inform, the rumors had been completely created by someone on Twitter, an individual who had positively no evidence to back up that assertion.

‘ I have no basic idea where that arrived from,’ Boyd said. ‘It was kind of shocking to me personally aswell. That along with the loss made for a rough little week-end.’

In accordance with the report which came from a person going by the credibility-inspiring moniker of ‘Incarcerated Bob’ Boyd accumulated the majority of that debt betting on the NFL. But Boyd pointed out that their rather cable that is limited on campus only allowed him to see a few games on Sundays, and that he rarely gets an opportunity to even watch NFL games, let alone be betting on them.

Boyd’s coaches trust him as well, and have now said they’ve no reason to think he’d rack up those kinds of debts.

‘ He just shook his mind and stated, ‘No means, coach’,’ said Clemson coach Dabo Swinney, referring to the moment when he asked Boyd about the rumor. ‘ I haven’t any reason not to believe Tajh Boyd. He’s never lied to me before. Their character and integrity from my view are impeccable, so I’m going to simply take his word over some website that I’ve never heard about, ever.’

Sports Talk Radio Was Instigator

That website is ‘Incarcerated Bob’s Sports Wrap’ (IBN Sports Wrap), and is reportedly run by the person that is same called in under that name up to a New York activities talk radio show. The site is mostly specialized in making gambling picks and publishing news and views on a quantity of different recreations.

Certainly one of the biggest questions raised by those after this whole story is just why the media decided to operate because of the report to start with (we are just following through to the reports of the report, so this story does not count). Initially, nobody picked up the tale, as there ended up being no sourcing for the rumor: it was the item of a single tweet by one Twitter account connected with that site. However, a reporter covering the Clemson football group brought it up to Swinney, which instantly turned A internet rumor into a story that is national.

It isn’t the first time that certainly one of the site’s related Twitter accounts has been of a gambling rumor that is high-profile. Right Back in June, a quantity of news articles popped up announcing that boxing champion Floyd Mayweather had placed a huge $6 million bet regarding the Miami Heat to win the game that is final of Eastern Conference Finals against the Indiana Pacers. That rumor originated from the Twitter handle @Pregame_Steam, which is operated by IBN Sports Wrap; Mayweather, that is a serious high-stakes sports bettor, ultimately denied which he made the bet.

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