Keep your time that is own on SAT. Here’s why you will need to keep your time that is own during SAT

The best proctors are likely the ones you don’t remember. I remember the proctor from my SAT that is 6th.

The problems started when he had been reading the directions. He told us he couldn’t find chalk to compose the end time regarding the board in the front of this gym, so we should use the clock on the wall. Then he pointed out the clock: high up behind the baseball internet. I crouched down and cocked my head, staring up in the direction the proctor was pointing, and sure enough there ended up being a clock up there, because it was covered by a protective metal grating though I could barely see it.

And, it ended up that the clock was in pacific time. ( I happened to be using the SAT in New York.)

The time-zone switch switched out to be just one of many timing flubs the proctor made that day, the most egregious of which I now reference as ‘the big time lop.’ Midway through Section 5—for me, a passage that is double the Critical Reading section—the proctor stood up at the front end of the gym and cleared their neck.

‘Uh, pardon me,’ he stated confidently. ‘That time on the board is wrong. You have five-minutes lower than that.’ Sufficient reason for that, he sat back down in his chair and resumed reading his newspaper, making us with five full minutes to rather finish the section compared to the twelve minutes I thought we had.

I became hysterical.

Have I convinced you to bring your own (beepless) watch to the SAT?

You must read Stacey Howe-Lott’s ‘method’ for keeping time while not wasting valuable mind juice.

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